Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Avene Cleanance Expert - Reviewed!

Although by the age of 23 my skin seems to have calmed down on the breakout front finally, however I still get the odd ones now and then. Well I received this in the mail I was excited to try a new spot treatment that isn't harsh on the skin. When I was a young teen the only spot treatment were very harsh so I really love seeing a new range which are gentle whilst being effective. 
Avene Cleanance Expert
Avene Cleanance Expert
The packaging is very simple and is a thin tube which makes it easy to dispense a small amount of product. Marketed as a moisturiser it can also be used as a targeted spot treatment. It is designed to regulate the oils in the skin to give a matte finish. It helps to unclog the pores leaving the skin smooth and blemish free. 
Avene Cleanance Expert
It helps to eliminate spots and blackheads whilst helping the reduce any redness or inflammation in the skin. Something I suffer with when I get breakouts is the redness it leaves on my skin. This is why I like a product that can help with this. 
Avene Cleanance Expert
Applied all over the skin it is light and leaves a matte feel to the skin without being drying. As a spot treatment at night I can see a noticeable difference in the reduction in size of the blemish, the redness and the pain. I've had two painful breaakouts recently and this really made a huge difference in the pain. The breakouts definitely have cleared up a lot quicker with using this. 

If you have sensitive skin that is combinationally and prone to breakouts I would definitely recommend this. I think it would also be really good for oily skin as well as teens because it isn't too harsh. 

Avene Cleanance Expert* retails for £15.00.

I've loved adding this to my skincare regime when those breakouts appear. What is your favourite spot treatment?

*PR Sample


  1. I loved reading this because I've suffered with breakouts for years and I'm now 21 still suffering! I feel like I've tried everything from shop products to doctors prescriptions so I will give this one a try!


  2. Do you prefer this to the Effaclar Duo?
    For a direct spot treatment I'm really liking the Effaclar A.I. - it works but is also gentle and doesn't create that horrible dryness around the spot xx


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