Sunday, 1 November 2015

October Health Favourites

This month I feel like i've tried a bunch of new recipes. I'm about to start working in retail full time over Christmas so won't have as much time to cook so I think I definitely took advantage whilst I can. I've add a few treats but i've definitely learnt that treats are good and I now crave healthy food when I over indulge; crazy I know. 
October Health Favourites
Autumn has full come around so i've been enjoying some long waks with the dog, sadly it's changed to rain and fog now but it definitely reminded me of the perks of living in the countryside. I'm also made some amazing tasty treats. These oaty chocolate bars were so tasty and almost as good as flapjack. My favourite were these Crispy Twix Bars which seeing this picture definitely makes me want to make them again. Both easy to make with healthy ingredients and taste amazing. 
October Health Favourites
I've been loving chocolate milk. I've been using it in my porridge (game changer) but also just drinking it. I new favourite was this Alpro Coconut Chocolate milk which was like drinking a bounty. I've been really liking grated apple in my oatmeal as well which is the perfect thing on cold days. 
I've started taking a B12 supplement this month. Since I rarely eat meat now B12 is something that you can struggle to get enough of. It's also meant to help with energy and tiredness. I think it's definitely helped to boost my energy.
I'm a coffee addict and I love sweet coffee. I discovered these drops last month and they really do the job. This is the Teisseire Gourmet Drops in Caramel; Vanilla is also great. You only need a small amount as well which is an added bonus. 
October Health Favourites
I made some really good red lentil 'meatballs' from the Green Kitchen Stories cookbook. They actually didn't take too long to make and work really well with a good tomato sauce. I also made some courgette pizza boats. All you do is cut a courgette length ways into strips then top with some pizza sauce and cheese then put under the grill. It works really well and was one of the quickest evening meals. 

So those are this months health favourites. There were a lot of great food finds this month which definitely helped to making healthy eating fun. Next months task is definitely going to be finding time to workout whilst working full time. If I find a way I will definitely share. What have been your health favourites this month?

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