Saturday, 12 September 2015

Healthy Shop Bought Snacks

Snacking is one of the areas where it's easy to make some unhealthy choices. To avoid this, I tend to make healthy snacks at home myself so I know what is going in them. Sometimes though, you don't have time to make something, or you're out and need a snack. I put together some of my favourite, healthier choices to snack on and I thought I would share them. 
Healthy Shop Bought Snacks
There are a bunch of healthy popcorn variations out now which is great. I love this smaller bags as they're portioned out which helps to stop you overindulging. My favourite is the ProperCorn Sweet Coconut & Vanilla which taste so amazing. This is a great snack to have whilst watching a movie and there's lots of flavours to choose from but this is definitely my favourite. 
Healthy Shop Bought Snacks
Rice cakes can be unhealthy so you have to be careful which brand you go for. Kallo are a great brand and their ingredients are good and they do lots of different flavours. I like the plain ones when i'm home as I can add my own toppings. These Belgian Dark Chocolate with Orange Pieces are so good, they almost taste like a chocolate orange but I lot better for you. 
Healthy Shop Bought Snacks
Bars again can be a hard one to work out. These are some of my favourite brands. 9 Bar do great bars full of seeds and these Indulge ones are a great option of you are used to snacking on a chocolate bar in the afternoon. Trek bars are also great if you're having an energy slump, or are out walking a lot and need a boost. Nakd bars are sold in a lot of places now and they have so many flavours. They're basically nuts and dates with some natural flavourings. One of my favourites is Cashew Cookie which tastes almost as good as a cookie. 
Healthy Shop Bought Snacks
Nakd have also brought out these nibbles recently which I find are even more filling than the bars. You can use them as a snack or on top of a pudding. Salted Caramel is my favourite but the coconut one is also great. 
Healthy Shop Bought Snacks
Finally I have Bounce Energy Balls. I love these but they are a bit of the pricey side so they're something I don't get all the time. They do make a great post workout snack, or if you are out all day. The Cacao Mint is amazing of you're a mint chocolate chip fan. I also have to coconut one which i'm yet to try but i'm sure it will be great.

So those are some healthy snacks that are great if you need to pick something up on the go. They're also more transportable than fruit or home made energy balls which are my normal go to snack. What are some of your favourite healthy shop bought snacks?


  1. I love this post! Its always so hard finding snacks that are healthy and taste amazing!
    Summer x


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