Thursday, 27 August 2015

August Empties!

I'm going away at the start of September which I thought was going to why I wouldn't end up using up that many products this month. I was surprised to see i'd actually manage to finish a good few things, including hair products which take me ages to use up. 
August Empties!
August Empties!
Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Cream Bath
Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Cream Bath - I've mentioned this in empties before and it's my favourite, affordable bubble bath. It smells amazing, leaves my skin soft and creates lots of bubbles. Repurchase? Yes.
Aromatherapy Associates Relax Light Bath and Shower Oil - I have a lot of these mini oils and they're the best thing for relaxing you. You only need a small amount; I got three uses out of this tiny bottle, and the scent fills the whole room. I don't think i'd get the full size but these minis are great. Repurchase? Yes, the minis. 
Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Butter
Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser in Cocoa Butter - I love these as they're so handy if you want a quick shower and to get dressed straight away. This one smelt lovely, although I think the honey one is still my favourite. Repurchase? Yes. 
Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Butter - I can't remember where I got this sample but I finally decided to use it up. The smell is so nice and kind of unique plus the cream is really moisturising. If I was looking to treat myself I would definitely get the full size of this. Repurchase? Not straight away. 
Garnier InvisiCool Anti-Perspirant
Mitchum Powder Fresh Antiperspirant - I picked this up on a whim and it became my favourite thing to use when working out as it works really well. The smell is pleasant and keeps me feeling fresh whilst working out. Repurchase? Yes. 
Garnier InvisiCool Anti-Perspirant - This is my normal deodorant as the smell is really clean and fresh. It works well on a everyday basis but if I think i'm going to be sweating more I use the Mitchum one. Repurchase? Yes. 
Vo5 Cherish My Colour Full Bodied Spray
Klorane Shampoo with Chamomile - I've had this a few times and decided to finish this bottle. It's smells nice and is a great shampoo to use if you have blonde hair and want to keep it look bright. I like trying different shampoos but I would still recommend this one. Repurchase? No. 
Vo5 Cherish My Colour Full Bodied Spray - I've rubbish at using up styling products so i'm proud that i've finished this one. It's my go to heat defence spray as it protects my hair, adds volume and doesn't feel crunchy in my hair. Repurchase? Yes. 
Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel
Essence Stay Natural Concealer - I've mentioned this a few times as a great, affordable concealer and I finally finished it. It's light weight, yet still brightens and covers under the eyes. Repurchase? Yes.
Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel - This is a product that seem to last so long. It's a light gel that feels refreshing under the eyes in the morning. I don't think it has any actually skincare benefits but it feels very cooling and seems to help with puffiness. Repurchase? Yes. 

So those are this months empties. As i'm away for the first part of September I might not end up finishing a lot of product but you never know! Have you finished up any of your favourite products this month?

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