Sunday, 24 May 2015

May Health Favourites

This month it's finally (very slowly) started to get warmer so i've had a bit of a shake up and have been trying some new lighter lunches. I don't dislike salads but I find them to be a bit boring and not that filling so i've been trying out a few ideas this month as well as making some tasty treats and an awesome granola. 
May Health Favourites
For most salads i've been using a base of spinach and then topping with tomatoes, mushrooms and some avocado. I've been making my own dressing with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and black pepper. I'll then either put some quinoa or a chickpea mix on top with makes it so much more filling. I've been really into avocados lately and as well as having them on salad i've had them on toast or even making my own guacamole and having it with a bean salad. I went back to an old favourite of mine and made a super quick lunch of veggies and cous cous which takes less than 5 minutes to make.  
May Health Favourites
I've been really into granola and yogurt for an afternoon snack recently. I've loved this banana granola recipe and have already made it a few times. It's super tasty and easy to make and i've been having it with fruit and greek yogurt. I did spot this Rachel's Inspirations Apple & Butterscotch, definitely not the healthiest option but so good. The recipe for my Date and Chocolate Chip cookies is still a favourite of mine and the perfect snack for when I need a sweet treat. Finally I made a batch of these Date and Oat Bars by Deliciously Ella which were very good and the whole family were snacking on these. 
I picked up the Madeline Shaw Get The Glow cookbook near to the end of the month which has a bunch of recipes I can't wait to make. I love that the book starts with a load of advice on how to eat healthy as well as alternatives to make. There's a great mix of breakfasts, meals, snacks and sweet treats.  

For workouts i've been focusing on trying to get my arms stronger and i'm starting to see a difference which definitely helps with staying motivated. So those have been some of this months health favourites. Have you loved any recipes or cookbooks this month?

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