Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palette - Reviewed!

Eyeshadow palettes are definitely the product that I get most excited about with Makeup Revolutions new releases. They're always one of my favourite things to try from any brand and they just keep bringing out great ones. This palette caught my eye because it is a dupe of the Lorac Pro Palette which had a lot of buzz around it so I was definitely interested in a cheaper version. 
Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palette
Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palette
The first thing I noticed about the palette is that the lid is now a matte plastic unlike some of their earlier palettes, which means it doesn't get scratched so easily. It does pick up the odd finger print but still feels very sturdy and travel friendly. The palette comes with a decent sized mirror which you could; and I have, used to do a whole face of makeup with. 
Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palette
A great addition to this palette is the decent brush it comes with. It's not one of those rubbish sponge applicators. Instead you get a double ended brush, one end being a flat shadow brush, and the other being a fluffy crease or blending brush. I've found myself using this a lot when I use the palette and again this is a nice extra if you want to travel with the palette. 
Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palette
The top row are all matte ranging from a white to a black. There's a really good mix of warm and cool tones, especially the four brown shades, all of which would be great crease definition colours. All the shadows have a nice buttery texture making them easy to blend on the lid. I was happy to see that even the paler matte shades are nicely pigmented and the colour translates well on the eyes. 
Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palette
L-R Ghost, Luna, Must, Enigma, Fade, Drama, Afflicted, Pitch
The second row are all shimmer shades and again go from light to dark; starting with a champagne colour and ending with a shimmery black. The first four shades are different variations on champagne and golden colours, although they seem similar all of them look unique on the eyes. The shimmer shades are even more pigmented and leave little fallout when applied. None of them are overly glittery, instead they leave more of a sheen finish. 
Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palette
L-R Need, Dawn, Getter, Breathe, Too Grey, Stage, Addicted, Player
The thing I love most about the shade range in the palette is that you get the everyday, easy to wear neutrals but you also get the darker shades to create a more dramatic eye look. I like the addition of the burgundy and the purple toned black which again makes this palette even more versatile. I think this palette is perfect for travelling as you have so many options and it is the palette I will be travelling with from now on. 

Have you tried this palette? What are some of your favourite Makeup Revolution releases?


  1. I wish these were easier to get in the US! I want to try this palette and a few of the others but I don't want to wait 3 weeks to get it :(


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