Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Travel Bug

Today I thought I would take a break from the beauty chat and talk about another favourite hobby of mine, traveling. I can't really remember when I first got the travel bug but at the age of 22 it is very strong. I thought I would share some of my favourite trips and the only that is planned for this year.
BERLIN: I went to Berlin when I was in high school and it was definitely on my bucket list, and somewhere I definitely want to visit again. It was a History trip so we went to a lot of historical places relating to World War 2 and was definitely a great experience and a place to visit if you're a History lover.
PARIS: I've been to Paris twice now, the second time I enjoyed it more since we had done a lot of tourist sites on the first trip so enjoy more of the city. I love Paris for the skincare and shopping but out of all the places i've been too I felt there was the most 'scamming' and pick pockets there which is a shame as it is such a beautiful city.
NEW YORK: This was a surprise trip from my Mum when I was 16, I love New York, I think it comes from watching countless episodes of Friends as a teenager. I love everything about the city and it was my first trip to America and sparked my love for the country and want to do road trips to visit all the states.
LOS ANGELES: Speaking of road trips one of my favourite trips was one my Mum and I did visiting California. I first stop was LA which I loved. I'm a big fan of LA, a lot of my favourite bands are from there and it is such a creative city. It's a must visit for any music or film fan. We did all the classic stops, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Tour, Venice Beach and Santa Monica which was probably my favourite bit.
SANTA BARBARA: We then got the train up to Santa Barbara which is a very relaxed place that isn't as hot or busy as LA. I feel like this is a place where people from the city come for the weekend or retire as it is so beautiful and as a very relaxed vibe to it.
SAN FRANSISCO: We ended our California adventure here and was one of my favourite parts of the trip. We did a lot of touristy things here; like going over the Golden Gate Bridge, but also got a real feel for the city from just walking everywhere. That is something I would definitely recommend, where you can, walk as much as possible, not only is it a good workout you get some of the best views and feels for a place by walking around and getting lost in the city.
STOCKHOLM: My last trip was to Stockholm, i've recently fallen in love with Sweden and was eager to visit the capital. This was definitely one of my favourite trips within Europe and it's a great city. Stockholm is actually made up of islands so there's bridges going to each section and amazing boat trips you can go on so you can see the whole city. I loved that you can walk from a busy part of the city over a bridge and end up in 'the old town' which felt like you were in a completely different place. It doesn't seem to be a place a lot of people think of visiting but I would highly recommend it.
The Travel Bug
So I was surprised the other weekend that my Mum had booked a trip for us all to go on another amazing trip. It was totally unexpected and I can't wait. We leave at the end of August and head to Toronto. Ever since I started going to America i've been wanting to venture up North the Canada. Then we go to Niagara Falls, my Grandparents have done a lot of traveling and always say this is one of their favourite things to visit. From there we head to New York which is where i'll be spending my birthday. This will be second trip to New York and although we're only there for a couple of days I can't wait to go back to my favourite city again. Finally we head to Washington DC to do a lot of Touristy things like seeing the White House, we're here the longest out of all the stops so this is where I plan on doing a bit of shopping.

Traveling definitely not the cheapest of hobbies but some of my favourite memories are from visiting these places and I think it is well worth saving up when you can to go explore. I still have a very long list of places I want to go which I don't think will ever not be there. What have been some of your favourite places to travel too? Where to you want to visit the most?


  1. You have visited some great places. I love Paris, its my absolute fave, closelh followed by Philadelphia and NYC. Washington DC is great too as all the museums are free. I really want to do Berlin, I went to Munich in December last year and it made me want to see more of Germany. I have so many other European cities I want to visit too such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Verona and Edinburgh. Sadly i probably won't do any of those this year as I'm off to America at Christmas! Xx

  2. the places you've been sound lovely, hopefully one day i'll have saved enough to travel the world a girl can dream ha, hope you'll be blogging about it all, have fun! xo


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