Sunday, 22 March 2015

March Health Favourites

We're coming to the end of March so I thought I would share some more health favourites. This month has been the easiest so far, i've had no real cravings for unhealthy savory foods, some craving for sweet things but not as strong as earlier month. I'm definitely starting to feel strong and healthier, my skin has also seen an improvement, i've had a lot less breakouts this month compared to what I used to get.
March Health Favourites
I haven't picked up any new cookbooks this month, i've still been loving the Deliciously Ella book and have made even more recipes including the Energy Balls and the Simply Oat Cookies which were so tasty. Pinterest has been a favourite this month for finding healthy treats, one bowl meals and healthy sides. It's become a bit of a weekend ritual to browse through Pinterest to find things to try and make in the week. A favourite treat to make has been these Raw Brownies which I found the recipe on Minimalist Baker, they're one of my favourite blogs and these tasted so good and were very good and satisfying the sweet craving.
I've been stepping away from the hot chocolates on a night time and one of the things i've swapped it for is the CharBrew Chocolate Orange tea which tastes really good and a great healthier option to try. Another thing I spotted whilst doing the food shop is the Oat-ly! Chocolate Oat Drink, I recently started using oat milk in my porridge and I saw this and it's so good and perfect when you want something a bit naughty that has a decent ingredients list. Per glass this is only 55 calories which is a lot less than normal chocolate milk.
March Health Favourites
I've been making meals in bulk and then putting a few portions in the freezer which I think is a great way to stay on track with eating healthy as well as being great if you don't have a lot of time to cook. The Black and Kidney Bean Chili is something I always have a portion of in the freezer. I spotted a recipe for Courgette Fritters on Pinterest and they were easy to make and tasted really good. They were surprisingly filling and a good side to have with a main meal.  
Most stay i've been sticking to my porridge as I love it and it keeps me full all morning. Apple and blueberries is a current favourite combination and i've been adding chia seeds and flaxseeds to get an extra nutrition boost. I spotted this Crownfield Milled Linseed which has sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, goji berries and chia seeds and is nice to put on top. I found this in Lidl and was only around £2 and is really nice.

My workouts haven't changed too much, i've been trying to do 20-30 minutes 5-6 days and week plus i've been doing a lot more walking now the weather is improving. This month i've definitely enjoyed trying new things more than ever which is definitely helping to keep things interesting. Have you had any health favourites this month?

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