Sunday, 22 February 2015

February Health Favourites

So we've almost made it through the second month of the year and i'm still on my health kick. This month definitely felt easier, I tried a few more things and came up with a few new snack ideas which really help to step away from the chocolate. I did indulge a couple of times, a burger and Ben's Cookies may have happened on a trip to London, but when i've been home i've kept on track.
February Health Favourites
Like a lot of people I picked up the Deliciously Ella cookbook at the end of last month. This has really helped to try a few more recipes. I've been eating a lot more beans, lentils and quinoa to bulk out my meals, keeping me fuller for longer. I've also been bulk cooking these things and keeping them in the fridge which makes putting together meals a lot quicker. The book is really great if you are trying to eat clean yet still want tasty dishes.
I've really been trying to up my green tea consumption. I discovered a new favourite in the Twinings Orange & Lotus Flower Green Tea which tastes amazing and has a real orange flavour. I would definitely recommend if you're not a fan of the taste of green tea. I drink a lot of water but I spotted a new drink in Sainsbury's recently which i've loved. Their Peach & Black Tea is so tasty and isn't full of sugar like most ice teas. A glass is around 14 calories which is great and is a nice treat to have, I can see myself loving this in Summer.
Snacking and sweet treats is my downfall for sure. A snack I came up with this month is a banana sliced topped with a little peanut butter and dark chocolate chips. This really helps with the sweet cravings and is surprisingly filling.
February Health Favourites
Other snacks i've been loving are my Energy Balls which I tend to have in the fridge and again help when I want something sweet. Finally i've really enjoyed the Rachel's Organic Greek Style Coconut Yogurt with a few berries.
I forgot to include a picture but since it was pancake day this month i've been made my healthy pancakes a few times this month. You basically mix a mashed banana with two eggs, mix it together and cook it! I add some cinnamon and a few blueberries and they taste amazing.
I've been trying to eat more fish as it is so good for you. I had some cod with a load of veggies which made a great evening meal. I'm definitely going to try out a few more recipes to keep things interesting.

Exercise wise i've been sticking to the Fitness Blender videos again which i've definitely noticed have been helping to make me feel stronger, especially in my core and arms. I started doing yoga which I love to relax me and helps to stretch out your muscles if you've been working out. 

So those have been my health favourites for the month, i'm pleased i've been keeping on track and when I have treated myself i've gone back to eating clean. What have been your health favourite this month?


  1. Great to hear you've kept up with your health kick! I find it so fun finding new tasty and nutritious treats to snack on. Absolutely love Ella, can't wait to pick up her book x

  2. I love the sound of that Peach and Black Tea! Planning to use your energy ball recipe, hopefully this weekend xx

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