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Battle Of The Clay Mask - Orgins vs Botanics

As someone who has oily skin clay mask have become my best friend and one of the most effective steps in my skincare routine to remove excess oils and keep blemishes at bay. The Origins clay mask has been a favourite for a long time and for a while i've been on the hunt for a cheaper option which was when I came across this Botanics offering.
Battle Of The Clay Mask - Orgins vs Botanics
Battle Of The Clay Mask - Orgins vs Botanics
Both products come in a similar style packaging; a tube which you squeeze the product out of. This is my favourite way for masks to come as you can get the right amount of product you need without dispensing too much and wasting it.
Origins Clear Improvement Mask
The Origins mask definitely feels the thickest, however it still is easy to apply onto the skin. One of the big differences between the masks is the Botanics one I would recommend giving it a shake as it can separate a little in the tube. After giving it a good shake the product is a little runny so you have to be a little quicker applying it onto the skin.
Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask
Both a pretty easy to apply onto the skin. Another difference I saw between the two is that the Botanics one sets quicker and is dry after around 5 minutes. The Origins mask takes around 10 minutes. Neither feel particularly drying on the skin, out of the two I would say the Botanics one is a little drier but not in the sense that it feels stripping on the skin.
Battle Of The Clay Mask - Orgins vs Botanics
L-R Botanics, Origins
I'm happy to report I saw similar results from both masks. Both remove excess oil and leave the skin feeling really clean. Both helped to sooth any blemishes I had and helped them to reduce in size. The Origins mask cracks more when it's on making it the harder of the two to remove afterwards whereas the Botanics one isn't as thick so is a little easier to remove. I find out of the two when I use the Botanics mask my skin soaks up my moisturiser quicker after I remove it which may make it a little too intense for dry skin.

Both give very similar results and although their are differences between the two if you're looking for a cheap, effective clay mask the Botanics one is definitely worth checking out. If you're looking for a splurge the Origins one is a great product and something I would still recommend.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask retails for £23.00.

Have you tried either of these clay masks? Do you tend to spend or save when it comes to clay masks?

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  1. I love the Origins Face Mask and I am glad that there is a cheaper alternative available. I'll be picking up the Botanics one next time I am in Boots. x


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