Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Going Blonde | Top 3 Shampoos

So recently I went back to being blonder, having my highlights re-done was well overdue. Today I thought I would share the 3 shampoos i've put back in rotation to help keep my blonde hair looking fresh and lasting longer.
Going Blonde | Top 3 Shampoos
Going Blonde | Top 3 Shampoos
Klorane Camomile Shampoo for Blonde Hair - £6.00.
This is one i'd used last time I was blonde and I was really impressed by it. It has a lovely camomile scent and is perfect if you have highlights and it seems to make them look brighter. I use it twice a week to freshen things up a bit. It also leaves the hair feel nice and lovely without being weighed down. 

The Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Shampoo - £4.50.
Now this one smells amazing, it smells like blueberries. It is sulphate and colourants free so great if you have a sensitive scalp. I use this as my go to shampoo to help my colour last as well as keeping my hair clean. This is definitely the best sulphate free colour protect shampoo i've tried.

Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo - £3.09.
No matter what blonde hair can often go a little brassy which I personally am not a fan of. This is the best, affordable product i've found to help stop this. Purple shampoos are a must for blonde hair. I use this once a week and it really does help to get rid of those brassy tones. 

So those are my go to shampoos for blonde hair at the moment. Whenever I get my hair done I always want to try new haircare products. What are your favourite haircare products at the moment?

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