Saturday, 14 June 2014

Brand Focus | NARS

It safe to say i'm a drugstore girl when it comes to makeup however NARS is the highend brand that always catches my eye more than the other. I don't know what it is, maybe the simple packaging, but i'm yet to try a NARS product I didn't like. 
So one of the first things I tried from NARS was their blushes. I picked up Deep Throat when I was in America and it has been one of my most used blushes ever since. It is the perfect pink with a hint of peach to it as well as a slight shimmer. Nothing too intense but give a lovely healthy glow to the cheeks. My other blush purchase has been Douceur, this looks pretty boring in the pan but it is the perfect contouring blush for pale skin. I use this a lot in Winter to add definition to my cheeks. Both of them blushes are finely milled, blend nicely and last on the skin really well.
I think Laguna Bronzer might be one of NARS' most known products, it was in fact my first NARS purchase and has been well loved since. Laguna is a mostly matte bronze, it has a subtle golden shimmer running through it. I personally find this to not be too orange, more golden and is great to use to create a bronzed look in Summer. You get lots of product so it should last you a while and it wears on the skin well, I even use it down the neck and on my chest a little. 
So after falling in love with the blushes i had to give the eyeshadows a go. The single eyeshadow in Ondine was my first purchase. Now this is really beautiful, it is a lovely taupe/ purple with hints of brown and silver shimmers. It is the perfect eyeshadow to wear on it's own and it looks like you've spent a while doing your eye makeup yet you've only used one shadow! After loving that I want to try the duo's. After doing some research Kalahari seemed to be the perfect brown, neutral duo. These two shades work so perfectly together, one lighter with a gold tone the other more bronzey. The quality of these shadows is so good, they blend like a dream and stay vibrant on the lids all day. 
When I was looking for the perfect light base a few months ago the Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser and I have to say it is pretty near perfect. It has an SPF 30, feels light yet hydrating on the skin, covers just the right amount (I still use concealer on blemishes and under the eyes) and just makes your skin look really good and like you have hardly anything on. There's a good shade range and it lasts well on my combination skin, even in the warmer weather. 
So there's definitely something about NARS that keeps pulling me in making me want to try more of their products. I definitely want to try some of their lip products next and their cream blushes are definitely on my hit list. What is your favourite NARS product?

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