Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Nivea Sensitive Micellar Water - Reviewed!

Whilst have a browse round Tesco's the other week I spotted this, I hadn't heard anything about it and since I have a thing about trying micellar waters I thought I might give it a go. I've been using it for about 2 weeks and felt it was time to give it a review. 
Nivea Sensitive Micellar Water
Nivea Sensitive Micellar Water
The packaging is simple and fit for purpose. Nivea claim this to be suitable for sensitive skin and I would definitely agree with that. I've had no irritation from using this and it hasn't aggravated any blemishes I have.
Nivea Sensitive Micellar Water
Applied with a cotton pad I find it removes face makeup very well without the need to scrub at the skin. It removes light eye makeup, I did find it would struggle with heavier eye makeup, mainly mascara. I tend to use a separate eye makeup remover anyways. There isn't a scent to this either which I like. All in all I think it is another great drugstore micellar water. I would say compared to others i've tried, it is better than the L'oreal version and equal to the Garnier one. It isn't as good as Bioderma but I a lot easier, and cheaper to get a hold of.

Nivea Sensitive Micellar Water retails for £3.99 for 200ml. (It seems to only be available at Tesco's at the moment). 

Have you tried Nivea's new micellar water?


  1. This sounds great, I also love trying micellar waters, so I'll definitely try this one out. x
    Day Dreaming

  2. I hope this comes to america because I love nivea and I would love to try this!!


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