Sunday, 9 March 2014

Dressing Table Tour

As i've probably already mentioned a few times, we moved house and the beginning of February, which meant I needed to decorate my room again. For the first time ever I actually now have a decent sized bedroom which means I have space to have a dressing table. There's still some things I want to do to my room as a whole but i'm pretty happy with my dressing table area now so I thought I would share with you what it looks like. 
Pretty much everything is from Ikea, I decided to go for the MALM Dressing Table for the fact it has a built in drawer and also comes with a glass top. The chair is again from Ikea, I had a buffet before and decided I would prefer to have a proper chair, I bought a cushion to go on top to break up the white. I wanted a big mirror to go above the desk, I love the shape of this one and I find it helps to make this corner of the room look brighter. 
I like the top to not look too cluttered so I just have my mirror, my most used brush, muji drawers and a few skincare products. 
The palette holder I like but doesn't go so I will be on the hunt for something to replace that. The tray was a great find in Sainsbury's the other week, I love anything mint and polka dots so this was perfect for keeping odd bits on and my makeup bag which is from & Other Stories. 
My Muji drawers i've had for a while and still love. I've put my favourite lipsticks in the holder on top and organised each drawer into base, cheeks, eyes and lips. I plan on swapping out products in here so I use more products in my collection. The rest of my beauty products are stored in the 9 drawer ALEX unit, which if you're a beauty horder is a must have for storage.
The drawer is surprisingly big, so i've put my daily skincare, some palettes and other makeup bits I might want to use. I still need to find a good way to organise this drawer but for now it is doing the job. 

So that's my dressing table tour, i'm so happy with how it is looking. If you are thinking of getting the MALM dressing table I would definitely recommend it, not too hard to put together and feels very sturdy. Having somewhere nice to get ready in the morning makes getting up a little less difficult! I'm curious to know where you guys get ready in the morning and how you organise you products? 


  1. I love your set up. It's always so nice to see how other people store their makeup x

  2. Love the set up, looks so neat and cosy. Lovely dresser too.

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic


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