Saturday, 4 May 2013

Herbalife Radiant C Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser - Reviewed!

When it comes to my skincare routine facial scrubs is an area i'm still trying to find a product that I really like, i've tried a few which I thought were okay but nothing has really stuck around to stay in my routine. I was recently sent the Radiant C Daily Facial Scrub Cleanser* which I think might be a new favourite for me. 
The packaging is nice and simple and comes in a squeeze tube. The product itself contains jojoba beads and a stable form of vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for adding radiance to the skin. This is marketed as a daily scrub and you could definitely use it that often, i've been using it twice a day purely becomes the other nights I use a mask or another type of treatment. 
The beads are very fine and dispersed in a thick orange gel. It massages into the skin nicely and is easy to wash away. I rub it in for roughly 30 seconds and use a large pea sized amount. After using it my skin feel smooth and refreshed without feeling tight. I've used it a good few times now and my skin hasn't reacted to it or it hasn't broken me out. I do like to think the Vitamin C in it is helping my skin however it is a little too early to see the full results however it does mean the product has a lovely orange scent to it.

I really do enjoy using this product and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you get the chance too. It isn't the easiest product to get hold of but well worth checking out. 

*PR Sample

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