Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal Foundation - Reviewed!

The original Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is the best drugstore foundation i've ever tried, the Healthy Mix Serum is my go to Winter foundation. Also the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer is my favourite concealer, so from this it's safe to say i'm a big fan of their face products. When I found out they were replacing the original Healthy Mix with a radiance version I was scared but knew I would have to give it a try!
First up packaging, on a whole I like it. I did prefer that with the old packaging you could see how much product you had left though. Like the original formula it claims to have 'fruit therapy' to help achieved hydrated and luminous skin. This definitely does feel hydrating on the skin and gives a lovely sheen to the skin without looking oily which I love. I do set it with powder but but it still gives a natural finish.
The product comes with a pump which is great, I tend to use 1-2 pumps depending on the coverage I need. I tend to apply a thin layer all over and concentrate more product and my chin and around my nose where I have acne scarring and redness. What I love about the the Healthy Mix foundations is that you can really build them up without them ever looking cakey or over done. 

So is it any different to the original formula? Yes, but not that much. It still does all the thing I loved in the original, buildable, good coverage, natural finish and a good and even wear time. As well as all of those it now has an added glow to it without making you look like a disco ball!
The shade I have is 52 (second lightest) all the shade do run on the yellow side which I personally love but it's something to bare in mind. The shade range is pretty rubbish but if you can find a shade that matches your skintone this foundation is a true gem and definitely worth trying.
So there you have it, yet another Bourjois product that i'm in love with. I think this will be my Summer foundation because it looks glowly but not too much and I can get a good 8 hours wear on my oily skin. If when it does start to wear away it still looks good. It's safe to say this is my new favourite drugstore foundation!

Have you tried this foundation?


  1. I'm in love with this foundation, I didn't get to try the original but I'm glad you said this wasn't too different. Great Review!

    1. There's not much difference, if anything this one is better! :)

  2. I always pick this up and put it back down again! Definitely going to be buying it now, 8 hours of wear is so good! x

    Amy / srslylou


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