Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Health Kick

Today I thought I would do a somewhat different type of post on my current health kick. I personally think that being healthy and beauty are very closely related, almost cousins if you were. There's only so much expensive creams you can slap on your face but if you're not being healthy they ain't going to solve everything! 
I would say i've always been a healthy person, especially in the last few years. The reason why i've decided to go on a health kick is mainly due to letting my standards slip over Christmas (too much home baking going on!) and since being ill 3 times this year so far. I think there is a connection between being healthy and getting ill, from experience when I eat well I feel less sluggish and find I don't feel as ill as often.
 Food + Drink

Lucky for me I love eating healthy foods and l like most fruits and vegetables. Pretty much all meals I eat are made from scratch and I don't do takeaways. I would rather have a homemade curry packed full of veggies than a ready meal one hands down.

Some changes I will be making are -
  • Drink more water - I used to be rubbish at this as a child but I am getting better. I also find it easier to drink water in the warmer weather because I find it refreshing.
  • Drink more green tea - Green tea is so good for you especially if you suffer from acne or blemishes. I do like the taste but I much prefer coffee! Then plan is to slow down on the coffee's and have more green tea. I plan on trying to make my own ice tea with it too.
  • Spinach - I love spinach already but I just want to have more of it. I'm going to start adding it to most meals and making my own Green Smoothies (recipe here) with handfuls of the stuff in it! Spinach again helps with the skin but also helps your body to retain less fat from other foods. Win win if you ask me!
  • Cut out chocolate - I definitely have a sweet tooth and I love baking. Which is a good thing but not so great when you're trying to be healthier. I plan on finding recipes for healthy treats (Pinterest is great for this) and make those instead of calorie high chocolate cookies!
  • Less dairy - I cut out milk about a year ago because it has been found there are connections between dairy intake and acne. I switched to almond milk which I actually prefer so I plan on just keeping this up.
I've never been into exercise really, I enjoy swimming but I find it hard to fit this in the my busy schedule. I also hate going to the gym, I just think it makes working out not enjoyable. I've decided instead to give the 30 Day Shred a go. I've heard so many bloggers go on about it and how good it is so i'm following the hype (this time it's not over a lipstick). I'm currently on level 1, day 4 and i'm actually enjoying it! It's intense but i'm finding it easy to fit in 20 minutes a day of do jumping jacks and ab crunches. I love that I can feel different parts of my body ache after doing it. I will keep you updated at how I get along with it if people are interested. I'm planning on doing it on weekdays and having the weekends off (but still fitting in some ab crunches) and I might do it for longer than 30 days depending how I get on. As I go along I do find myself answering back to Jillian when she says things like 'I want you to feel like you're going to die!' and 'Just two more now' even though she hasn't done them all herself! If you have done/are doing the shred you will know what I mean!
So that's it really, I hoping it was interesting. As I said I will try keep you all updated at how i'm getting along. Let me know if people would be interested in me sharing some healthy recipes with you all. Also if you're on a health kick, let me know what you're doing to be healthy. I hoping if I can do this whilst studying for exams I think it will be easy to do over Summer.

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  1. I really need to try and drink more water, I'm awful at it!
    Some really great tips!



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