Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New Skincare Additions

The minute I become happy with my skincare routine I always seem to find new product to put to the test. I thought it would be interesting to share the few bits i'm currently putting to the test and give you a mini review and my first thoughts on them.
I've been trying out some new bits from Organic Surge, first being the Daily Care Face Wash. This leaves my skin feeling so clean and refresh without drying my skin out. So far I really like it and think it would be great to use it in the Summer. Next is the Refreshing Toner which definitely is refreshing to the skin and has a lovely lemon scent to it which I love. Finally i'm trying out the Eye Gel which for a gel is actually rather moisturising and has definitely helped get rid of any puffyness. 
I've decided to go back to my favourite make-up remover which is Bioderma. I've been trying out a few other ones but this is still the best for me. It removes every bit of make-up and isn't drying to my skin at all.
Following on from the organic theme is the Inlight Organic Face Cleanser*, I was sent this recently it is another balm cleanser similar to the Emma Hardie. It has a very herbal scent to it but so far i'm really liking it so expect a review soon. The other is the Dr Organic Manuka Honey Mask, I love manuka honey and this has a lovely scent and so far I really like it. It helped to get rid of excess oil and really nourished the skin.
Finally i've been trying out the REN Resurfacing AHA Concentrate which is similar to Alpha H Liquid Gold but isn't as harsh. It smooth the skin and definitely helps it look less dull. It seems to be helping with redness and some scarring I have. 

I plan on doing full reviews on all of these products in the next month or so but for now i'm really enjoying all of them. 

What skincare products are you road testing at the moment?


  1. I just bought manuka honey! What is your favorite mask recipe?


    1. I have done a recipe on my blog for a manuka honey mask, it's linked in my popular posts :)

  2. I really like Dr Organic products, I didn't realise they did face masks!
    I'm going to have to try Bioderma one day to see what all the fuss is about :-) xx

    1. It's my first product to try from them and I really like it so far! Haha you really do :)

  3. I really like the sound of the organic face cleanser. x


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