Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nutregena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub - Reviewed!

For years i've been someone who suffered from breakouts but recently I was trying out a new product and after a few days I found I had about 5 blackheads around my nose. I never get blackeads so i'm pretty sure the product had caused it. Due to the fact I don't get blackheads I didn't have anything to get rid of them so I went into Body Care and I saw this scrub and I thought I would give it a try since I love the 2 in 1 mask from the same range.
 The packaging is pretty simple, nothing special but for a affordable product this doesn't really bother me. I actually like the orange packaging because it stands out and in the morning when i'm in a sleepy haze this helps!
The scrub claims to help eliminate as well as get rid of blackheads. It is also meant to help unclog pores and remove dirt and excess oil.
The product is a white cream with small beads in it, I like these types of scrubs because they're all lot more gentle on the skin. I find the scrub even though it is gentle it does seem to scrub away dirt and leaves my skin feeling smooth, clean but not tight or dryed out. 
So did it get rid of my pesky blackheads? I'm pretty sure it did! After a few weeks I was blackhead free. I was using other product such as clay mask which also help to remove dirt from pores but I definitely think this made a difference to my skin. I have also remained blackhead free with using this scrub. Even though I don't have blackheads anymore i'm still using this scrub 1-2 times a week and it is my favourite scrub to use.

Even though I don't have very sensitive skin I do find a lot of scrubs to be too harsh and cause me to breakout. This one has definitely not done that and I think it would work well for a lot of skin types and ages. I really do love the Visibly Clear range from Nutregena and I would definitely recommend it if you're on a budget.

Have you tried this scrub? What do you do to get rid of blackheads?


  1. I've seen this, but I didn't think it would actually work! I get quite a few blackheards on my nose, so I think I'll try this out :) xx


  2. I love this scrub! I've gone on a break from it to try out a few other proucts but now I really miss using it! x x x

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