Thursday, 15 November 2012

Miners The Matte Factor - Reviewed!

I've always been a fan of matte lips, they just seem to flatter me a lot more than shimmery lip products. A lot of brands seem to be coming out with their own version of these matte lip paints. The only other ones i've tried are the Collection (2000) version which I love and reviewed here. Since I enjoy those so much I thought I would try the Miners version. 
The packaging is pretty much exactly the same as the Collection version. They're like a normal lip gloss tube with each shade having a different coloured tube making it easy to find the shade you want.
As with any time you order online it's hard to tell what the shades will be like. I had heard MissBudgetBeauty rave about the shade Peach so I knew that would be a good one to try. I also thought since I don't really have any red lip products I thought I would try Warm Red too.. 
Both shades are well pigmented and creamy, they apply smoothly onto the lips and lasts really well on the lips. They are matte so can get a little drying but it's easy to apply a lip balm over the top and the colour still shows through. I love both shades I picked, Warm Red is a lovely almost berry toned red which works well with my pale skin and Peach is a lovely peach pink shade which is great for everyday wear. 

I'm in love with with these and I think they are a great addition to my lip product collection. They're pretty much exactly the same as the Collection version but Miners seem to have a wider colour range. I would definitely recommend giving these a try because for the price they really are a great product. 

Miners The Matte Factor retails for £3.99.

Are you a fan of matte lips?


  1. They remind me of the matte lip creams by NYX. Both the shades are lovely xx

    1. I've not tried those but they seem pretty similar :)

  2. I've never thought of trying a matte lip colour, I think I might pick some up :) lovely review! xx

  3. Oooh these sound fab! Definitely have to look into these, or the Collection version - I look really silly in shiny lip products!


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