Thursday, 2 August 2012

Alpha H Liquid Gold - Reviewed!

This seems to be the cult product everyone is talking about at the moment, and with claims that it will soften and improve the appearance of the skin whilst helping to get rid of scarring and redness I can see why. I will say that i've already briefly mentioned this in my Treating Acne Scars post along with some other great products.
Liquid Gold is a Glycolic Acid treatment which helps to removes dead skin cells and speed up the change over process. This works like on exfoliant so probably will not be suitable for very sensitve skin.They have recently changed the packaging which I do prefer so I won't talk too much about that. The product itself is a clear liquid which you apply to a cotton pad and then wipe over the face. I do a good few wipes to make sure I have covered all of my face. The strange thing about this is that you don't apply a moisturiser afterwards, I found this a little strange at first but I don't find it to be drying to my skin at all. When applying it does have a slight tingle to it but that goes away after a few seconds.
 I apply this a night and by the time I wake up my skin feels smooth and even appears to be brightened. After using this for a few weeks now I have noticed a big reduction in the redness of my skin and a lot of the harsh redness from acne scarring has reduced. I can definitely say that this is my holy grail skincare product, I have never noticed such a difference in my skin from just using one product. I use it about 3 times a week and I would say make sure you wear sunscreen after using it becuase your skin will be more sensitive to burning, as someone who always wears SPF on my face this doesn't bother me.

I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future even though it isn't the cheapest of products but it definitely makes a huge difference to the skin.  

You can buy the 100ml Alpha H Liquid Gold for £31.50 here or the 200ml for £36.76 here. 

Have you tried Liquid Gold or are you planning on trying it?


  1. This sounds great... Bit pricey but I might have to try it!

  2. I've heard so many reviews on this product and i was undecided as i have pretty shocking skin but maybe this could work for me, think i might give it a try as nothig much else seems to work for me.


    1. I was in the same boat as you, when I got it my skin was horrible! What I love is that it helps with active breakouts too! Definitely worth trying and I hope it works for you :)

  3. I've nominated you for the Leibster award :)
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  4. Love liquid gold and use ever other night. Can't be without it xx

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