Friday, 15 June 2012

Venturing Into The World Of Sleek Blushes

Whilst browsing the 3 for 2 in Superdrug the other day I was looking for what my third item could be. After finding out that they didn't have the Sleek blush in Rose Gold which always seems to be out of stock! I decided to try the shade 'Suede'.
 I really do like the packaging because it is simple and not bigger than it needs to be (if that makes sense!) I feel that they have made sure they can get the most amount of product in. You get 8g which is a lot compared to some blushes.
Onto the colour, it looks to be very much on the brown side in the pan but swatched it has some lovely pink tones in it. I love using it when i'm having a lazy make-up day when I can't be bothered using a bronzer because you can use it to sculpt your face as well as a nice blush to the cheeks. 
 It is very well pigmented like all Sleek blushes so I use a fluffy brush to make sure I don't apply too much. I was scared that it would look a little orange but it doesn't at all, instead it gives a really natural finish. It lasts really well too, definitely one of the best drugstore blushes I have tried.

As I said at the start I really want to get the shade 'Rose Gold' next but I also I have my eye on the blush by 3 in 'Lace' so if I see either of them when i'm in London they will be mine!

Update! I have since been into Superdrug and got the Rose Gold blush! It was the last one there and it is now mine, so expect a post soon! 

Sleek Blushes retail for £4.30 and are available in Superdrug. 

Have you tried Sleek Blushes?


  1. I haven't tried anything from sleek yet because the shipping is crazy for the USA.

    1. That sucks since they're products are really good! Have you tried ebay? :)

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  3. Looking forward to seeing the rose gold review! :) xx

  4. yes, and i have sleek suede, rose gold and BB3 in pumpkin .. they're all lovely ❤


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