Sunday, 29 April 2012

Random April Favourites!

There have been a lot of new random favourites this month so I will get straight into my favourite music, TV shows, films etc which I've been loving this month!

I finall started watching this show this month and I feel in love with it after the first episode! It is such a funny show in which 4 friends have to do challenges including saying what the others are telling them to strangers. It is so funny and definitely worth checking out.

The Mars Volta - Nocturiquet, so this album came out at the end of last month and I finally checked it out this month. I love it so much and have been listening to it non stop! I love The Mars Volta and i'm loving the new direction they have gone with this album. Not many bands could keep changing their styles with each album and still sound like the same band. 
Jack White - Blunderbuss, so this album come out this week and after the first listen I knew I loved it. It's different to what I expected, a lot more piano based but I really like it. In a sense it's brings all the things he's done before into one album. 

A few months back I cut out diary to help improve my skin. This month I decided to try Almond Milk to have on my cereal. I'm not a nuts person, I honestly can't stand them! This does have a nutty flavour to it but when it's on my cereal I can't taste it at all. I would definitely recommend it as on alternative to milk.

Tell 'em Steve Dave! - A love most of the podcast on the Smodcast network, this one is a redisocovered love. There's not much I can say about it apart from it is very funny and easy listening when doing work and writing blogposts! 

So those were my random favourites for this month, what have been yours?  

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