Wednesday, 8 February 2012

NYC High Definition Volume Mascara - Reviewed!

Whilst clearing out my make-up recently I found this mascara that I haven't used for a while, so after using it again for a few days I thought I would do a review on it because it's pretty good!
The packaging is pretty simply, I normally don't like when mascaras are in bright colours but this one doesn't really bother me and the black and orange actually work really well together. I also like the size of the mascara because it's small and not bigger than it needs to be. So onto the actual wand itself.
The wand itself is a plastic one which reminds me of the Benefit They're Real one but with the spikes at the end and a lot cheaper! I really like how this mascara coats my lashes, it seperates them really well and lengthens them a lot. It does have a wet consistency which I normally don't like but now that it has dryed up a bit it is easier to apply. This mascara also holds a curl fairly well, which I need see I have really straight lashes. All in all this mascara is very good for its price, although it is classed as a volume mascara I don't think it adds a lot of volume but does improve my lashes a lot. I would definitely recommend this mascara if you're on a budget because it is one of the best 'cheap' mascara I have tried. I have also tried a few other NYC mascaras and I think they are definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.

NYC products are available at Superdrug and the High Definition Volume Mascara retails for £2.49.

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  1. I actually really love this but the only problem I have with it is its not waterproof. :( It weighs down my lashes and the lashes just droops because of its non waterproof property.


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