Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Natural Collection Lipsticks - Reviewed!

Natural Collection is one of my favourite drugstore brands because they're cheap but good quality. I now own 3 of their lipstick so I thought it would be a good time to review them.
They come in simple white packaging with the Natural Collection logo on the side. I don't mind the packaging, it doesn't look expensive but then again it fits in with the rest of the products from their range. The three colours I have are, 'Rose Bud', 'Pink Mallow' and 'Sweet Pea'.

'Rose Bud' is a lovely everyday colour and adds a nice bit of colour to the lips but looks very natural. 'Pink Mallow' is a great pink colour but still wearable. It reminds me of MAC's 'Cremecup' but maybe not as creamy, still very similar though. Finally 'Sweet Pea' is simialr to 'Rose Bud' but has more of a sheen to it, it's probably my least favourite out of the 3 because I prefer a matte lip but I still wear it alot.

Onto the formula, these apply nicely and last a good amount of time on the lips. I get about 2 hours wear before they start to fade, but they do fade nicely and don't leave a line around my lips. I wear a lip balm underneath them but you don't have to because they are not drying. 

All in all I love these lipsticks, they're good quality and such a good price. Natural Collection products are only available at boots and the lipsticks retail for £1.99.

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