Tuesday, 21 February 2012

February Glossybox

I got my Glossybox a few days ago and after seeing some bad reviews I really wasn't expecting much and I was right not to. This is probably the worst box I've had so far and I will tell you why now.
This months box was back to the normal light pink colour and was insipired by fashion week.
This is what the box looked like on the inside..

1- DuWop - Venom Gloss 'Combining subtle tinted lip gloss with DuWop's Lip Venom to create Venom Gloss' Full Size £16.00 for 10.4ml
I've never actually heard of this brand before but this gloss seems nice. The shade I got is called 'Buttercup' and it is very sheer and peach toned. I think it would look nice over a dark lipstick to tone it down or over a nude one, it also tingles when you apply it which doesn't bother me.
2 - Impress Press-on Manicure 'Impress by Broadway Nails is the revolutionary way to apply polish! Simply peel off, press on, and done!' Full Size £17.40 for 150ml.
I like the idea of this and the example on the back is of a deep red colour which I would definitely wear. The pattern I got seems like something a 15 year old would wear and is really not my style so I don't see myself trying this one! This is a shame since it was a full size product.
3 - Paul Motchell Quick Slip 'A clean, lightwieght, conditioning syling product that provides soft, flexible hold, UV protection and reduces dry time.' Full Size £14.25 for 150ml.
This acutally seems like something I might use! The fact that it has UV protection means it would be something good to take on holiday and if it reduces dry time thats a really bonus. When I tried this on my hand it was very smooth and felt very similar to a serum.
4 - BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow 'Award Winning pure mineral eyeshadow. Cruelty free and suitable for vegetarains and vegans' Full Size £7.00 for 2g.
I never really use loose shadows like this because they seem far too messy. This one feels and looks very pretty. The colour I got was 'Her Majesty' and it looks very unwearable at first but when swatched it's a light pink with golden shimmers in it. I will definitely try this out fully and this was a generous sample too (1g).
5- Como Shambhala Invigorate Shower Gel 'A revitalising blend of essential oils puts you in a perfect uplifting mood' Full Size £20.00 for 300ml.
Yet another shower gel. I personally would never spend £20 on a shower gel since I don't think it's worth it since you wash it off after all! This does however smell very pleasant, it's minty with a hint of lavendar. I think I might try using this to clean my make-up brushes because I it might do a good job or just save it for when I go away.

So that was this months box, there was a few good things but nothing amazing. I'm seriously considering cancelling my subscription since these past two boxes have been disapointing. However they did put this in the box so I might wait to see what next months box is all about...

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  1. I'm jealous of the brit boxes! I've been slightly disappointed in birchbox here! Your box was better than my two birchboxes combined lol

    I know I'm behind but I found you through the Monday Beauties Blog Hop & subscribed!


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