Saturday, 18 February 2012

Benefit Erase Paste - Reviewed!

I tried Erase Paste a while ago when I got the Confession of  a Concealaholic Kit in which it had a small sample of it in the shade Medium. Although I really liked the concealer the colour was never perfect for me especially in winter it was a touch too dark. So when I saw it in Fair on Buyapowa I thought I would get it since it was £5 cheaper.
I personally think Benefit have some of the best packaging in Make-Up. Everything is always presented so well. As you can see the concealer came in a box which had inside a Erase Paste Lesson leaflet and a scoop to use with the concealer.
I thought this with a really nice touch if you were a beginner I didn't know how to apply concealer. I personally haven't used the scoop because I feel like you would get too much product out but again it was nice to include it. Also I might need to when I get to the end of the pot.
The concealer itself comes in a purple pot and has a clear lid which I have kept to stop it from drying out. Erase Paste is a very soft cream product and is very easy to blend unlike some cream products. it works even better if you warm it up with your finger but this isn't always needed. It has a salmon/yellow tone to it which means it is really good a covering the blueness that is common under the eye. I personally don't have terrible dark circles but this covers the blue tone I get very well. I have heard that it does cover very dark circles well.
Here's some swatches, on the left is the shade Medium 02 and the right is Light 01. The light shade has less of a salmon tone compared to medium. For a more heavy duty concealer is is definitely not cacky and doesn't crack or crease under my eye during the day. When I get home after wearing this all day it still looks the same as when I applied it in the morning.

All in all I think this is such a great under eye concealer especially for covering blue tones. I like that you can also use it on blemishes which is great if you only want to use one concealer. I would definitely recommend this product.

Benefit Erase Paste retails for £19.50 and is available here.


  1. I was tempted to buy this when I seen it on buyapowa but I had just bought the new soap and glory concealer. I agree, the packing is lovely.

    1. Think i'm going to try the soap and glory one next, heard really good things about it :)

    2. It's good, but I prefer my collection 2000 one. :)


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