Saturday, 4 February 2012

Clarisonic Mia -First Impression After 1 Month

After Christmas my skin was looking so bad, I broke out the worst I have done in a while now and everything I was using just wasn't working. As someone who has suffered from bad skin since I was around 12/13 and now that i'm 19 I have tried A LOT of products that 'claim' to solve the problem (most don't). When I got my grant for the new semester at University and I saw that the Clarisonic was on BuyaPowa I thought I might as well try the one thing that I've heard amazing things about but never bought because of the pirce. 

For those of you who don't know, BuyaPowa is a UK website where they sell requested products at a cheaper price that their RRP and the more people that buy the cheaper it is for everyone. I think it's a great idea and the Clarisonic had been on over Christmas but I missed out because I couldn't afford but when it was on again I decided to take the plung and get it. I got mine for £90 instead of the RRP of £120 making it more affordable. So onto the actual product!
 So i've been using the Clarisonic in the morning for a minute everyday. You are meant to do 20 seconds on the chin and nose, 20 seconds on the forehead and then 10 seconds on each cheek. You can use it longer that this but I feel that a minute works fine for me. The machine has a safety feature in which it will actually shut off after a minute so you don't have to count how long its been on!
I've found that cream cleanser work best with the clarisonic and I will do a post on my favourites soon since i've been on the hunt for the perfect cleanser ever since I got it. 
My skin does feel like it's improved a lot. I used to have small bumps on my forehead from old acne scars that i've never been able to get rid of and they've nearly totally gone now. The small blackheads that I get on my nose have also gone and my whole face just feels a lot smoother and softer. 

Another thing that I have noticed since I started using it is the other products I use in my skincare routine apply a lot better and I feel like I use less product as well. Foundation also applies a lot better and lot more flawless. 

Onto the main reason I decide to get the Clarisonic, has it improved my breakouts? I would definitely say yes. When I first got it my skin was  breaking out so much was very red. The clarisonic help with my blemishes going faster becuase I was able to keep my skin a lot cleaner. It has also helped with the small whiteheads on my chin which I can get at that time of the month. I've always had a problem with make-up lasting on my chin and the clarisonic has definitely helped with this since my chin has been smoother. 
I also believe that it has helped reduce the amount of oil on my skin. I still have oily skin but it has really improved  which again has helped with my make-up lasting longer. 

All in all i'm very happy that I purchased the Clarisonic because my skin has been so much better this last month. I know that this is out of a lot of people's price range because it was for me! But if you really suffer with bad skin I would consider trying it because it will really help. If you have fairly good skin I think using cheaper options such as a Hot Cloth Cleanser will work fine for keeping your skin clear. 

If you haven't checked out Buyapowa yet and you live in the UK, they get some really good deals on high end brands. I noticed the the Naked 2 palette was on the coming soon list and some MAC products. You can check out the current deals here. 
The Pink Clarisonic is currently a live co-buy so if you're interested nows your time to get it!

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  1. great review Helen, I am considering getting one as have been getting outbreaks on my chin recently! sounds great!


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