Saturday, 12 November 2011

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette - Worth The Hype?

I have been hearing so much about this palette and how it is a good Urban Decay Naked palette dupe but i've never been able to get my hands on it. My local Superdrug doesn't stock the MUA Pro line and it's been sold out on their website for ages. I finally found it in the Superdrug in Meadowhall which has recently had a makeover and now stocks a lot more brands.
The palette retails at £4 which is an absolute bargain! It is a great palette full of everyday nuetrals, a downside for me is that there are no completely matte shades which is a real shame. All 12 shadows are shimmery, some more than others (the one on the bottom right has the most shimmery).
As you can see all the shadows are well pigmented, there are some lovely golden shades which are great for this time of year. All in all this palette is very good especially for the price. Is it worth the hype? I would say yes although I wouldn't really class it as a Naked Palette dupe due to the fact there is no matte shades (no Naked or Buck dupes). Also I would have liked a dark silver or black to make some more dramatic looks,  but it is definitely worth getting your hands on for everyday wear.

MUA is currently only available at Superdrug and this palette is once again available online!

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